7 Best Things To Do In Helen, GA During Winter

December 16, 2023

7 Best Things To Do In Helen, GA During Winter

Discover the serene beauty of Helen, GA, during the winter season, where the charm of a Bavarian village meets the warmth of cozy Winter activities. Here are seven must-experience Winter delights. 



Downtown Helen’s Winter Appeal

Immerse yourself in the cozy winter atmosphere as downtown Helen dons its seasonal charm. Explore festive markets, enjoy the ambiance of local shops, and indulge in warm treats at nearby cafes.



Tranquil Trails at Unicoi State Park:

Bundle up and explore the tranquility of Unicoi State Park’s winter trails. The crisp winter air and serene landscapes provide a peaceful escape, just a short drive from Lily’s Lookout Lodge.



Chattahoochee River Winter Stroll:

Take a leisurely winter stroll along the banks of the Chattahoochee River. Embrace the quiet beauty of the season, making it a serene and contemplative experience.




Anna Ruby Falls in Winter Hues:

Witness the subtle beauty of Anna Ruby Falls during the winter season. Surrounded by a peaceful ambiance, it’s a mesmerizing scene easily accessible from Lily’s Lookout Lodge.
Intimate Wine Tasting Experience:
Embrace the warmth of local wineries during the winter months. Cozy up by the fireplace as you sample North Georgia’s finest wines, creating a perfect winter escape.


Winter Festivals and Town Celebrations:

Check out Helen’s winter festival calendar for events that bring the town to life. From holiday parades to festive markets, immerse yourself in the heartwarming spirit of the season.





Lily’s Lookout Lodge Winter Retreat:

After a day of winter adventures, retreat to the warmth and comfort of Lily’s Lookout Lodge. Modern amenities, stunning Winter views, and a peaceful ambiance provide the ideal setting for your winter escape in Helen.


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